Enrollment Guidelines

Custodial parents must be present to register a child for school. The child must reside with a custodial guardian. The Marshall County School System requires a person to have at least a temporary custody order that is signed by a judge.

The appropriate enrollment forms are listed above. Parents should provide the following when registering their children:

· Birth Certificate                                                                            

· Social Security Card

· Health Record/Physical

· Proof of Residency

· Proof of custody

· Withdrawal from a previous school.

Proof of Residence

· Copy of signed lease agreement (including renewed lease agreement, signed valid non-contingent real estate sales contract or signed executed settlement with supporting documentation.

· Minimum of one utility bill (gas, electric, water, or hook-up verification) with physical address or other similar documents.

· Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, state issued ID)

· The resident verification form must be signed with signatures notarized by both parent/guardian and legal resident. The legal resident must be present at a time of registration verifying residence at the Marshall County address.

· Documentation verifying proof of Marshall County resident from the resident stated above.

· Photo ID of both the resident and the parent/guardian (driver license or passport.